Combat Rations

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Kuwait, 2006.

The second war in Iraq continues without a foreseeable end, and the International Coalition Against Terror continues to battle the nefarious forces of global terrorism, wherever they may reside (as long as it is Afghanistan.)

Meanwhile, a soldier has to eat, right? FAST! Check out the combat rations on offer at Ali Al Salem Airbase.


Soldiers do it tough. What with having to deal with long absences from family and friends, strict standards of personal behaviour, and that whole being shot at business, they deserve a few comforts when deployed to a battlefield, right?

Who are we to begrudge our military forces a chance to indulge in the occasional fast food meal?

At Ali Al Salem Airbase, not only was it possible to purchase McDonald’s, but also Subway, Pizza Hut, and Hol-in-One (a donut franchise). Spoilt for choice, right?


Subway and McDonald's at Fast Food Alley, Ali Al Salem, Kuwait 2006


But the plot thickens. Ali Al Salem Airbase was divided into several operational areas. There was an area for US naval and customs troops, in which most of the coalition also was located, and on the other side of the base, was a section for the USAF… and both had their own identical selection of fast food restaurants!

As it turns out, the plot wasn’t the only thing thickening…

Army Strong

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Let’s hear it for US consumerism – helping to protect freedom and the American way of life wherever it is required!

I am proud to have served as a member of the military, and whatever your beliefs as to whether or not western forces should be deployed to far-flung posts for political reasons, you can’t hold that against the individuals who are putting their lives on the line. But maybe some individuals should be refighting the Battle of the Bulge…


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  • Great post…now let’s see some ration packs and the underweight freakishness that occurs because of the misguided calorific intake requirement calculations.

    • Hey Evan. That’s a fair point. I’ve tried to get through a whole ration pack in a day and it was ridiculous, but I appreciate that NOT eating it all, or worse, eating only selected bits, can have unwanted side effects particularly over the duration of an exercise.

      Still, how many people actually eat ration packs these days? Or maybe more correctly, how many eat just ration packs? Maybe that’s just an army thing? The RAAF is certainly smarter than that these days… 😉

  • This is the new expanded version of Combat Rations.

    Thanks to for the large image…

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