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    Social commentary with a twist. Cheese dreams. Cats with mental powers. Battling politicians.

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Blue Shadow Consulting. Professional development. Business improvement. Be prepared for the future.

The Talisman Concept

A burnt out drug ex soldier holds the key to a better world, but it may cost her life to realise it. The GNR revolution has stalled in the face of Luddite uprisings. A ghost in the machine claims to hold the answers to the realisation of eternal human life.

Blue Shadow Fitness

Lead a full and healthy life. Improve your quality of life. Strengthen your cardiovascular system. Gain greater strength. Dietary advice. Be prepared for any obstacle the future throws your way.

What will the Futre look like?

Science and technology news. Research and development projects.Analysis of trends. A futurist agenda.

Interview with Charlotte Nash

Recently, Charlotte Nash's second novel, rural romance Iron Junction, was released on to an eager Australian market. I explored the journey Nash took to get to her place as a best-selling author.

01st May
Charlotte Nash - Author

Cooking, Army-style

Cooking army-style is convenient when done correctly. When done incorrectly it can have serious consequences.

02nd Apr
An old-style Australian Army ration pack

A Memory of Light: A review of book fourteen of the Wheel of Time series

The Wheel stops turning  A Memory of Light is the long awaited...

30th Mar
memory of light

My five favourite runs

I spend a lot of time running, be it for pleasure or...

30th Jan
The sun rises over the Logistical Support Area. Time for a run.

A visit to Byron Bay

Byron is a different place to what I remember. But that is okay. I guess I'm different, too.

19th Jun

Middle class poverty

Coming to Brisbane seemed like a good idea. My partner and I...

13th Jun
middle class poor

The importance of first aid

DRSABC. Do you know what it stands for?

31st May
first aid

Research for The Talisman Concept

Here is a short presentation on some of the research that I...

20th May
presentation image

Is literary fiction just another genre?

What is the difference between literary fiction and genre fiction? Is there a difference?

18th Apr

An artist’s interpretation of The Blue Shadow

Artist Gianna Garcia’s interpretation of The Blue Shadow

15th Apr
G's blue shadow (lo rez)